18 June 2021 / Vienna, Austria
Turning the Page on a Year like no Other: Here Comes the IAWD Annual Review 2020!
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Voice of the Danube
18 June 2021

“Every crisis is a chance to learn and improve. We all would have appreciated a less bumpy ride, but still: Here's to 2020, and many valuable lessons learned!” This is IAWD President Walter Kling's introductory comment in the IAWD Annual Review 2020.

Completed just in time to be available for download before upcoming Danube Day 2021, the Annual Review 2020 offers a sometimes fond, sometimes proud and always informative look back on creative, cooperative and quite successful responses to a global health crisis of epic proportions. You can now download it from the Danube Library on the Voice of the Danube web (please follow the link below).

Which brings us to one of the big news items of 2020, which is the Voice of the Danube web itself, the proud result of a comprehensive relaunch of all our digital activities. Other amazing feats of last year were an exciting, well-attended Danube Water Forum in the virtual space, the publication of the European River Memorandum on World Water Day 2020, and the preparation of a new flagship training program under D-LeaP, the Utility Management Training, which has lately taken off fully booked. Also noteworthy is the fact that during the pandemic year, IAWD proudly and gladly welcomed eight new members.

Issued by a broad coalition of 170European drinking water suppliers from nine associations, the ERM sets out strategies for precautionary water protection, defining quality standards to secure a sustainable drinking water supply in wide parts of the continent.

Read all about it and find a lot more memories from a memorable year in the IAWD Annual Review. It waits for you, ready for download, in the Danube Library, and if you haven't registered as a Voice of the Danube reader, this is another very good reason to do it now! Here's to 2020 – and valuable lessons learned!

VoD - 2020 - A Memorable Year

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