20 January 2021 / Bratislava, Slovakia
What to expect from the Slovak EUSDR Presidency in 2021
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Voice of the Danube
15 January 2021

Slovakia took over the Presidency of the EU Danube Strategy for 2021. In doing so, the Slovak Presidency committed to the thematic priorities of fighting climate change and protection of biodiversity as well as digitalisation and innovation ecosystems. Likewise, the EU Danube Strategy will continue its endeavour to embed the strategy’s objectives into EU programmes 2021-2027 and work towards a stronger involvement of youth and stakeholders from non-EU countries.

The institutional priorities of the EUSDR Presidency in 2021 address stronger cooperation between different stakeholders implementing the Danube Strategy. Likewise, the EUSDR Presidency wants to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation through amongst Priority Areas.

In addition, the Slovak EUSDR Presidency aims at focussing on climate change and protection of biodiversity as well as on digitalisation and innovation ecosystems. These topics will also be central to the 10th EUSDR Annual Forum that will take place in November 2021. The motto for 2021 will be “green and digital transformation”. Finally, the Slovak EUSDR Presidency dedicates its efforts to the involvement of young people into the strategy as well as boosting the participation of non-EU countries.

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