21 October 2020 / Vienna, Austria
Danube Water Forum: Last Call – Register Now!
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Voice of the Danube
21 October 2020

The first Danube Water Forum starts 27 October. Means next week Tuesday. Take a look at the updated event website with all the speakers and all the topics to see why you must, yes, must attend. Good news: It's free of charge, it's an online event, and all you have to do is register online and download Zoom. Best do it now.

The first Danube Water Forum deals with “The Importance of Water Sector Data in the Digital Age”, discussing efficient, data-driven decision-making and its key importance for smart policies, strong utilities and sustainable services in the Danube region.

Prominent keynote speakers like European Commission's Senior Expert Joachim D'Eugenio will cover all angles of data collection and processing to support policy and business decisions.

The Forum was originally scheduled as a live event in Banja Luka, but in the interest of the safety of participants and speakers it will be held as a three-day series of afternoon online webinars.

To see the whole updated schedule, visit the event's page. To attend free of charge, register online.

Note that the Forum uses the popular conference app Zoom as its online platform. You could principally access all Forum sessions using your web browser, but for the best possible Forum experience please download the Zoom App.

And please save the date of the Danube Water Forum Lounge, our community's first social online get together: Join us on 28 October, 4:30 pm CET for group and one-on-one chats in our digital safe social space under. Mind that access is limited, so make sure you make your registration now.

Thank you and welcome to the first Danube Water Forum!  

VoD - First Danube Water Forum

The Danube Water Forum will convene on October 27-29, 2020 and, given the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the event will go virtual, holding its premiere edition as a three-day series of webinars....