31 May 2016 / Vienna, Austria
IAWD is pleased to welcome new members
Contributed by:
Voice of the Danube
08 July 2020

At the General Assembly in May 2016 IAWD welcomed three new members to the organisation: Compania Apa Brasov SA and Apaserv Satu Mare in Romania and Vodovod Subotica in Serbia. Each of these utilities are active members of their national associations and have been active in improvements to their operation as well as engaged in international activities.

In joining IAWD General Manager Danutiu Stegerean of Apaserv pledged “to contribute resources and expertise to the successful development of regional collaboration with other water companies in the Danube area”. Subotica has demonstrated its commitment to cooperation by agreeing to participate in a Water Operator Partnership together with long-time IAWD member Budapest Waterworks. Darius Bör from Apaserv Satu Mare said "IAWD serves as the dynamic knowledge hub for water utilities to establish their own foothold".

In addition to new utility members IAWD is also very pleased to have a new extraordinary membership from the Austrian Water Association (ÖVGW). Also the General Secretary of the Hungarian Water Association MaViz attended the General Assembly of IAWD in May and expressed that the “delegation was very satisfied and we are very committed to be involved in the work of IAWD as an upcoming extraordinary member.”