20 February 2019 / Pristina, Kosovo
Kosovo & Albania Hub held the Final Workshop to complete the fourth Benchmarking Cycle
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Voice of the Danube
20 February 2019

Water and Wastewater Works Association of Kosovo (SHUKOS) and Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania organized a Final Workshop to showing the results of the fourth Benchmarking cycle of Kosovo & Albania HUB valued as the first program that exceed the administrative boundaries of both Kosovo & Albania states, thus promoting a cooperation to compare water and sewerage services first with themselves and then with the other participating countries in this program

The meeting aimed at discussing the Final Reports produced at the end of 2018 with 2017 data to show the challenges the water utility companies have spent on collecting this data and the achievements that have been reflected in water companies from work done in this program.

The program goal is to improve drinking water and sewage services in the Danube region by using standards through which each company compares with itself and with others. 

The meeting was held in RWC Prishtina building headed by Kosovo & Albanian Hub coordinator Mrs.Nadire Vitija, which gave the word to each utilities co-ordinators to openly discuss about indicators in which they have increased or in which they stumbled with data entry  

Participants in this meeting were representatives from SHUKOS and SHUKALB, coordinators from 7 water utilities of Kosovo and 5 water utilities from Albania: RWC Prishtina, RWC Hidromorava, RWC Hidroregjioni, RWC Hidrodrini, RWC Gjakova, RWC Mitrovica, RWC Bifurkacioni, WU Tirana, WU Shkodra, WU Kamëz, WU Vau i Dejës and WU Kurbin. Also present were the representative of Regulator Authority of Kosovo, Executive Chief of RWC Prishtina and Director of WU Kamëz.