KnowNow series
Tapping Talent - How to attract and retain a qualified workforce in the water service sector of the Danube region
Organizer: IAWD and World Bank

The Danube Water Program “KnowNow” webinar series focuses on up-to-date topics relevant for the water sector in the Danube region. This webinar will focus on the ongoing challenge to retain experienced staff in the water service sector.

Many water utilities are facing human resources shortfalls, but the challenge to retain experienced staff is equally significant. Many leave to take higher paid jobs in other sectors, but the loss of skills and knowledge due to retirement without suitably qualified replacements is a serious issue faced by utilities worldwide. Simultaneously, the level of expertise required for operation and maintenance keeps increasing as water technologies become more complex and the industry turns to more automated processes. How is the water sector in the Danube region affected by brain drain and what actions are needed to ensure a workforce with the appropriate skills and experience? The webinar will raise awareness, highlight best-practice examples, and allow to discuss approaches to attract and retain talent in the water service sector.

The learning objective of this webinar is to increase the understanding and knowledge around the workforce situation in the Danube region and to share best-practice examples how to manage the situation. During the webinar it will be possible to post questions to the presenter and panelists in order to deepen the understanding and to learn from the knowledge developed and experiences gained for potential follow-up action under individual specific circumstances.

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Start date 11 Oct 2023 , 13:30 CET

Language English
Contributed by Voice of the Danube
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