Conference / Workshop
International Water Conference Jahorina 2023
Organizer: Association “Water Supplies of Republika Srpska

The International Water Conference "Jahorina 2023" is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as to conduct a dialogue on organizational, economic, and technical issues in the field of management in water supply and sanitation companies.

This year's conference will be focused on topics related to the reforms in the public water services sector in Republika Srpska. The participants will have the opportunity to learn how reforms of organizational policies and strategies can contribute to improvements and efficiency in water supply and sanitation companies.

For further information please consult the conference brochure below.


City/LocationJahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Start date 17 May 2023
End date 19 May 2023

Language English, Bosanski (Bosnian)
Contributed by Voice of the Danube