Arsinoe Seminar Series - Climate Change and Its Impact on Water and Public Health
Organizer: Water Europe

Climate change has an alarming impact on all crutial resources, and water is not an exception. As the earth's temperature rises, warmer weather causes more water to evaporate, allowing the air to hold more water. This sets the stage for heavier rainfall and flooding, which decreases the quality of our water and increases health risks by contaminating the water we drink along with crops and other food we eat.

Water Europe organizes a series of seminars with the aim to lead the discussion towards building a stronger and clearer vision of future actions on available technologies and reinforced decision-making processes. This seminar is on "Climate Change and its Impact on Water and Public Health" and will be chaired by the Water Europe Working Group on Water & Public Health led by Cristian Carboni.


Start date 19 Apr 2023 , 15:00 CEST

Language English
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Contributed by Voice of the Danube