Conference / Workshop
ÖWAV/EWA Joint Conference: Water Resources under Climate Change - Challenges in managing extremes
Organizer: ÖWAV/EWA

Interest in the impacts of climate change on water management has continued to grow in recent years. The Austrian Water and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV) has been following current developments both in climate research and in the planning and implementation of adaptation measures within the framework of the working group "Forum Climate Change" and has presented them in a series of 5 ÖWAV seminars on climate change and its influence on hydrology, water and energy as well as their management since 2010.

In addition to the current findings of climate research, the focus of the joint ÖWAV/EWA conference is on recognizable impacts and needs for action, which will be analyzed together with the numerous stakeholders in water management in the form of a workshop, as well as the identification of implementation options for adaptation in water management. With the presentation of concrete adaptation measures and projects from Europe, particular attention will be paid to the extreme challenges posed by heavy rainfall events and drought.

City/LocationVienna, Austria

Start date 19 Oct 2023
End date 20 Oct 2023

Language Deutsch (German)
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