Water reuse Regulation: Impact on the water sector
Organizer: European Water Association

The Regulation on minimum requirements for water reuse for agricultural irrigation entered into force in June 2020. The new rules will apply from 26 June 2023 and are expected to encourage and facilitate water reuse in the EU. This text covers not only the water reuse in agriculture, but allows EU member states to use reclaimed water for further uses such  as  industrial water reuse and amenity-related and environmental purposes.

On this occasion, the European Water Association is organising a Webinar on Water Reuse that will provide the participants with a “general introduction on Water Reuse and overview of the current legislation in Europe”. It will also be platform to exchange on the impact of this regulation on the water actors. The speakers will present “the view of the academic community” on that topic and present a “General approach for the implementation of water reuse”. All presentations will be followed by a discussion open to the participants.


Start date 26 Jun 2023 , 10:00 CEST

Language English
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