YWP Get-Together: Intergenerational Stories: Entrepreneurship in WASH
Organizer: IWA

This IWA YWP online Get-Together is a part of a series of online meetings developed for the IWA Young Water Professionals community.

As the world strives to achieve universal access to clean water and safe sanitation, Water and Sanitation (WASH) Entrepreneurship has proven to be one of the avenues through which great progress is being recorded. In recent times, many young people are venturing into entrepreneurship as a means of earning income through decent work and contributing to achieving the SDG 6 targets.

To amplify and support the work of young WASH entrepreneurs, this upcoming IWA YWP Get-Together brings seasoned senior WASH entrepreneurs to share their experiences and perceptions with the younger ones in a carefully arranged intergenerational dialogue. This dialogue will centre on the challenges of starting and sustaining a WASH enterprise, fundraising techniques and business model development.

The IWA Young Water Professionals Steering Committee invites the IWA Young Water Professional community to meet online in a formal/informal Get-Together. This is a unique opportunity to gather as a group, meet your peers, make new friends, and talk about the topics we are all passionate about a water-wise world! This event is also part of the “IWA Roadmap from Copenhagen to New York” activities.

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Start date 06 Oct 2022 , 13:00 CEST

Language English
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