Webinar, KnowNow series
From Waste to Value: How the Wastewater Treatment Sector Can Contribute to Mitigating the Energy Crisis in the Danube Region
Organizer: IAWD and World Bank

The Danube Water Program “KnowNow” webinar series focuses on up-to-date topics relevant for the water sector in the Danube region. While the last webinar in this series has focused on the overall response of the water service sector to the recent increases in energy tariffs, this edition will primarily highlight approaches and measures in the wastewater treatment sector targeted at energy optimisation and energy production.

Wastewater treatment is an essential public service that significantly contributes to energy use in the urban water cycle. The overall electricity use of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) in Europe was estimated at approx. 25,000 GWh/year, which is about 0.8% of the electricity consumption in the EU-28 (Source: Ganora et al., 2019). Consequently, energy neutral or even energy positive WWTP receive increasing attention not only in the context of rising energy tariffs, but also related to a climate neutral and energy secure water sector.

The webinar will raise awareness and shed light on the benefits of energy optimisation and production in WWTP and highlight best practice examples.


Start date 11 May 2022 , 13:30 CEST

Language English
Contributed by Voice of the Danube
Agenda (English)
Summary (English)