Water and Sanitation Services Aggregation: From Expectations to Achievements in Selected Countries
Organizer: Florence School of Regulation and European Water Regulators - WAREG

According to the World Bank network industries are characterized by increasing yields and, water and sanitation (WS) utilities, as such produce larger outputs. On average they have lower unit costs than utilities that produce smaller outputs. This relationship appears to be present in the WS sector around the globe. The expectation of cost savings from aggregation is supported by a large number of economic studies since the late 1960s, underlining the potential for economies of scale and scope. In this online event  presentations will be held from experts from IWA and some of the most relevant water supply related institutions in Europe. Interested? Check out the agenda below.


Start date 15 Sep 2021 , 10:00 CEST

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Agenda (English)