Conference / Workshop
Wastewater, Water and Resource Recovery Conference 2021
Organizer: IWA, Poznan University of Technology and AQUANET

The IWA Wastewater, Water and Resource Recovery (WWRR) 2021 Conference, which will be held on 16-19 May 2021. This time, the nutrient removal and recovery conference returns to Poland to honour prof. Jan Oleszkiewicz of the University of Manitoba for his long-standing contribution to the development of modern wastewater treatment technologies. 

The WWRR will provide an excellent space where many distinguished scientists and practitioners from all over the world will share their knowledge and experience. Even though the conference is focused on nutrients, new challenges will also be addressed, including energy efficient technologies, removal of emerging contaminants, resource recovery from sludge and wastewater, and water safety systems. 

Please note that the deadline for submission of extracts has been extended to 14 December 2020.

City/LocationPoznan, Poland

Start date 16 May 2021
End date 19 May 2021

Language English
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