IAWD activities with SHUKALB

SHUKALB-SHUKOS Organize First Regional Benchmarking HUB

The Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB) and the Water and Wastewater Works Association of Kosova (SHUKOS), with the support of the Danube Water Program (DWP) and the European Benchmarking Co-operation (EBC), have agreed to develop a Joint Benchmarking HUB Program for Albania and Kosovo for the period 2016-2018, to be led by SHUKOS. The main purpose of the Program is to engage water supply and sewerage companies in Albania and Kosovo in the usage of Benchmarking, not only for performance monitoring, butabove all, as a tool for utility improvement through the analysis of performance indicators provided by the European Benchmarking Co-operation (EBC) platform. Utilities participating in the program wil have the possibility to compare themselves with similar water utility operating in the region, and learn from everyone’s best practices. Read more...

Training-of-Trainers Workshop for Commercial Efficiency Program

In 2016, the International Association of the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD), under the support of the Danube Water Program, outlined a long-term strategic program for capacity building in the water supply and sewerage sector in the Danube region under the branded name, Danube Learning Partnership (D- LeaP). “Commercial Efficiency in Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities” is one of the D-LeaP Programs that the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB) and the Water and Wastewater Works Association of Kosovo (SHUKOS) have jointly to undertake as a HUB*. This capacity building Program is one of the building blocks of the training programs of D-LeaP, targeting a defined set of processes within water utilities operating in the Danube Region. Read more...


Technical Visit of the Public Utility Company „Waterworks and Sewerage“ Ltd. Zenica


(f.l.t.r) Philip Weller - IAWD, Franz Weyrer - Vienna Water, Kemal Husakovic - Zenica Waterworks, Nedim Secic -Zenica Waterworks, Katherine Wagner - IAWD, Haris Mesic, Zenica Waterworks, Emir Kovac, Zenica Waterworks, Wolfang Gruber - Vienna Water

From 13 - 15 December 2016 a delegation of representatives from the Public Utility Company „Waterworks and Sewerage“ Ltd. Zenica visited Vienna Water to exchange experience in waterworks management. The visit focused on exchange on the following topics: Customer relationship, selection of materials for pipelines, technologies for reconstruction and construction of pipelines, procedures for calibration and replacement of water meters, the experience of transition from common water meters to individual water meters in buildings, and types of water meters used at Vienna Water. The delegation was presented and discussed information about the Danube Water Program and the possibilities and benefits of becoming member of IAWD. After a morning of discussions and exchanges the first day was completed with a tour through two „watermarks“ of Vienna: Vienna Water Tower and the Wienerberg Reservoir.

On the second day the delegation visited the Museum of Vienna Water at the source of water supply in Kaiserbrunn. The delegation was provided with information on the history and construction of the First Vienna Spring Water Main and of Vienna´s drinking water supply from 1869 to the present.

The three day study trip concluded with a visit to Vienna Water where the delegation learned about the wastewater treatment system of Vienna modelled on nature.

Another milestone in the Water Operators’ Partnership cooperation of the water utility providers of Budapest and Subotica

Bilateral workshop at the city hall of Subotica

Within the framework of the international programme of the UN-Habitat agency through the Global Water Operator´s Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA), as another milestone of the Hungarian-Serb water cooperation, on December 9 2016 Subotica Waterworks and the Sewage Water Utility organised a one-day workshop at the City Hall of Subotica for Serbian and Hungarian professionals.

At the meeting the host presented the results achieved in the fields of technical and technological development,water extraction and drinking water technology, quality assurance and environment protection realized within the frameworkof Interegrated Management System, work safety, monitoring as well as the results achieved in the field of water treatment activities. The professionals from Budapest from among the cooperation areas of the water utility services spelles out as such important questions, like the SAP-based integrated management system, the work management sysem in the water utility sector, the centralized operational management, reduction methods of the non-revenue water and the technical tools of the water loss analysis.


(f.l.t.r) Philip Weller - IAWD, Franz Weyrer - Vienna Water, Kemal Husakovic - Zenica Waterworks, Nedim
Secic -Zenica Waterworks, Katherine Wagner - IAWD, Haris Mesic, Zenica Waterworks, Emir Kovac, Zenica
Waterworks, Wolfang Gruber - Vienna Water

Technical visit of Water and Sanitation Utilities of the Republic Srpska


(f.l.t.r) Philip Weller - IAWD, Franz Weyrer - Vienna Water, Kemal Husakovic - Zenica Waterworks, Nedim Secic -Zenica Waterworks, Katherine Wagner - IAWD, Haris Mesic, Zenica Waterworks, Emir Kovac, Zenica Waterworks, Wolfang Gruber - Vienna Water

On 1 December 2016 a delegation of senior representatives from water utilities in the Republic of Srpska visited Vienna Water and IAWD. The visit was part of a study tour organised by the Water Utility Association of the Republic of Srpska to Switzerland and Austria. The aim of this visit was to support managers in utilities to learn about management practices in other utilities. In addition to discussion on Vienna water management the utilities were also informed on the possibilities and benefits of becoming member of IAWD. After a morning filled with presentations and information about Vienna Water and IAWD the technical visit was completed with a tour through two „watermarks“ of Vienna: Vienna Water Tower and the Wienerberg Reservoir.

For three days Budapest was the capital of the water

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 conference and exhibition was held between November 28 and 30

In the representation of nearly 120 countries, about 2000 scientists, politicians and experts consulted on today’s perhaps most pressing issue, one of the key element of the environmental sustainability, the protection of our water and water resources during the three days of Budapest Water Summit.

Participants of the conference agreed that it must be prevented by all possible means to let a water crisis develop in the world. Representatives of the world nine largest development banks also participated on the event and committed themselves to double the amount spent for water related investments over the next five years. The final document of the event - the Budapest Water Summit 2016 Messages and the Policy Recommendations- is also emphasizing the appreciating role of water preservation in the future. See more here:


Roundtable of Water Utilities Associations


The Roundtable of Water Utility Associations convened in Vienna on 27-28 October 2016. The focus of the meeting was the final establishment of the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP). Ten representatives of water utility associations as well as the team of the Danube Water Program, and GIZ, reviewed the final drafts of the D-LeaP Governance Documents, included comments and proposed final changes. Furthermore, the state of D-LeaP offerings was presented and potential hubs declared their interest in one or more of the offerings. The Technical Partners for the Commercial Efficiency (Valu Add) and Energy Efficiency (Econoler) programs have been selected following the meeting and the development of the curriculum of these topics has begun.

IAWD has played a central role over the past two years in bringing Water Utility Associations from the Danube region together to discuss topics of common interest. The most recent meeting of this "Roundtable of Water Utility Associations" took place in Vienna on October 27-28, 2016. The focus of the meeting was the establishment of the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP) which the Roundtable of Associations has been promoting since its first meeting in September 2013. Ten representatives of water utility associations as well as the team of the Danube Water Program, and GIZ, reviewed the final drafts of the D-LeaP Governance Documents, and provide comments and final changes to the documents. IAWD is playing a central role in facilitating the formation of the Danube Learning Partnership and the meeting confirmed the commitment of the Associations to use cooperate with IAWD in this initiative. As an expression of commitment many of the Associations expressed their desire to join IAWD as Extraordinatry members.

The first of these - OVGW and the Hungarian Utility Association MAVAZ have already done so with more expected shortly.

IAWD participates at the Annual Conference of the Institute of the Regions of Europe

On 25-26 September 2016, Ms. Eszter Torda, Program Manager of IAWD participated and gave a presentation on the Water Operators’ Partnership (WOP) and the strategic cooperation with UN-Habitat/GWOPA in the panel discussion on water at the annual conference of the Institute of the Regions of Europe in Salzburg.

The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Hasenleithner from Energie AG Oberösterreich Wasser GmbH who recently joined IAWD.

Ms. Eszter Torda underlined, that UN is committed through UN-Habitat Programme to an integrated urban water management as it has a direct impact on urban ecology, economy, resilience and equity. With the idea of twinning water operators that have expertise to share with those who would benefit from that expertise, WOPs constitute a win-win solution for capacity development worldwide.


Ms. Eszter Torda stressed, the Danube river is an international highway between major urban areas of Europe with essential economic and human resource opportunities for business, innovation and technological challenges. The concept of the strategic cooperation with UN recognizes and puts emphasis on these factors and the underlying possibilities.


She recognized, that in this century water needs to be at the heart of the conversation.


IAWD Secretary General, Walter Kling, also participated in the event, using the opportunity to promote future cooperation with IRE on water related topics focusing on the Danube Region.

There were approximately 200 participants at the conference. It was a great opportunity to promote the work from Austria and South-Eastern Europe-wide, on local government level.

For more information visit:

IWA Pi2017ban

IWA Pi2017 now online

IWA Pi2017

IWA Pi 2017 now online

Every two years the IWA Benchmarking and Performance Assessment Specialist Group (BPA SG) organises a conference  to present experiences, learn about other benchmarking and assessment project around the world. The PI Conference is also a traditional forum where ideas and methodologies are exchanged. The next PI Conference will be hosted by the International Association of Waterworks in the Danube Catchment Area (IAWD) from 15 – 17 May 2017 in Vienna.

For further information visit the official conference webpage.



New Members joined IAWD


Darius Bör - Apaserv Satu Mare/Romania, Teodor Popa - Director of Finance Compania Apa Brasov SA/Romania Valeria Toth Godo – CEO Waterworks Subotica, Walter Kling, IAWD – Secretary General and Vladimir Tausanovic, IAWD – President

At the General Assembly in May IAWD welcomed three new members to the organisation: Compania Apa Brasov SA and Apaserv Satu Mare in Romania and Vodovod Subotica in Serbia. Each of these utilities are active members of their national associations and have been active in improvements to their operation as well as engaged in international activities. In joining IAWD General Manager Danutiu Stegerean of Apaserv pledged “to contribute resources and expertise to the successful development of regional collaboration with other water companies in the Danube area”. Subotica has demonstrated its commitment to cooperation by agreeing to participate in a Water Operator Partnership together with long-time IAWD member Budapest Waterworks. Darius Bör from Apaserv Satu Mare said "IAWD serves as the dynamic knowledge hub for water utilities to establish their own foothold".

In addition to new utility members IAWD is also very pleased to have a new extraordinary membership from the Austrian Water Association (ÖVGW). Also the General Secretary of the Hungarian Water Association MaViz attended the General Assembly of IAWD in May and expressed that the “delegation was very satisfied and we are very committed to be involved in the work of IAWD as an upcoming extraordinary member.”


Memorandum of Understanding signed between IAWD and UN-Habitat


Csaba Haranghy, CEO Waterworks Budapest; Walter Kling, IAWD - Secretary General; Jose Luis Martin Bordes, GWOPA - Programme Officer; Vladimir Tausanovic, IAWD - President

In March 2016 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between IAWD and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) through the Global Water Operator´s Partnerschips Alliance (GWOPA) to establish Water Operators’ Partnerships (WOPs) in the Danube region. The aim is to develop new opportunities for IAWD and its members, improve the service quality in the region with the support of UN. The first WOP was launched in April 2016 between Budapest Waterworks and the Waterworks of Subotica in Serbia - a new IAWD member.

(read more):

Budapest Waterworks, the mentor in this programm has already gathered much expertise in peer-to-peer support during the (profit-oriented) globalisation initiative launched by the Hungarian government. The non-profit-oriented WOP is now drawing benefit from this expertise. Csaba Haranghy, Head of Budapest Waterworks and Vice-President of IAWD, explains the interests of his enterprise in the WOP. „A particularly positive aspect ist hat we are able to maintain a high level motivation among our staff. After many decades, work tends to become a routine, and it is always good to have some change! At the same time, we get an insight into other international aspects of our so fallen water world. Last but not least, the mentor also learns from the mentee

The established WOP has also given rise to mutual „fact-finding missions“ in each other´s operation and a number of workshops. Budapest has also provided manuals in Hungarian and English language. A WOP last for 14 months and can subsequently be extended.