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Executive Director of the year

The Association of Association Executives is the largest community of association executives in Europe and in the UK, and has members in many other countries, including Africa, India and the Middle East. It is the largest association community outside North America.

The Associations Award, organised by the Association of Associations Executives, raises the profile of associations, their executives, and gives them the recognition for their effort and success.

The Team of IAWD (Secretariat and Technical Secretariat) nominated Walter Kling in the category „Executive Director of the Year" within the Association Awards 2018.

All nominations are judged by a prestigious judging panel consisting of influential association leaders and specialists, all focused on the continuous improvement of associations: UK, International, and European.

The Team of IAWD congratulates Walter Kling to his high ranking amongst the top three Executive Directors of the world!


Fltr.: Walter Kling, Heinz Robak, Vladimir Tausanovic

New Honorary Members of IAWD

At this year’s General Assembly IAWD honoured two retiring colleagues as Honorary Members.

Heinz Robak

worked 25 years as an auditor of IAWD and actively helped to secure the positive financial development of IAWD. After his retirement he continued to work as auditor until the end of 2017. Over the last years he actively assisted the Management of IAWD in the transition of the financial statement into the current new version.

Heinz-Jürgen Brauch

contributed to IAWD since the founding in the year 1993. He supported IAWD activities with his outstanding knowledge on water quality issues and chaired the Technical Scientific Advisory Committee of IAWD. Mr. Brauch also conducted successfully the "sampling tour" on the Danube River and regularly published a number of water quality articles in the IAWD Annual Report. Mr. Brauch was chief editor of the IAWD Annual Report and was a driving force on the content. He helped delivering an interesting report showcasing the work of IAWD.

IAWD congratulated both new Honorary Members and thanked them both for their distinguishing work and achievements.


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Utility Benchmarking Program

Launch and Workshop of the Danube Hub in Zabljak and Tivat, Montenegro

The first Danube Hub utility benchmarking exercise, which started as a pilot in late 2017, concluded in May 2018, and included 18 utilities from 9 countries: Albania -3 utilities; Bosnia and Herzegovina -5 utilities; Croatia -1 utility; Hungary -1 utility; Kosovo -2 utilities; Macedonia -2 utilities; Montenegro -1 utility; Romania -1 utility; and Serbia -2 utilities. The Danube Hub 2018 exercise included the development of utility benchmarking reports, the organization of the 1st Danube Hub benchmarking workshop on March 22-23, 2018 in Montenegro in a World Water Day event organized by the IAWD member, the Regional Water Company of Montenegro Coastal Area, in the winter resort of Zabljak and in the coastal city of Tivat. As a conclusion to the exercise, a CEO dinner for Danube Hub utilities was held in the context of the Danube Water Conference in Vienna on May 4. It is expected that a vast majority of these utilities will continue to participate in the Danube Hub exercise for 2019, but also that a number of new utilities from all 17 countries of the Danube region will join the Danube Hub from mid-2018 until early 2019 when the 2nd Danube Hub benchmarking workshop should take place.

Applications are now open to join:



Project Advisory Board

The 2nd RCDN Project Advisory Board (PAB) Meeting convened on May 2 in Vienna at the occasion of the Danube Water Conference 2018. Participants from 16 partner associations (Local Government Associations (LGAs) and Associations of Public Utility Companies (APUCs)), together with representatives of IAWD,   NALAS and GIZ were informed by the RCDN Project implementation Team (PIT) about the current progress of the project and the planned activities. In the first part of the meeting, after the welcoming words and the introduction by the PAB Chairperson, a short overview of the implemented activities and achieved results was provided since the 1st PAB meeting in November 2017:

Capacity Development Measures

  • CD plans for 2018 to strengthen the capacity of the partner associations at individual and organisational level have been developed  for capacitation of the Focal Points as well as of the LGAs and APUCs.
  • Pool of Trainers and Moderators established
  • Quality standards have been developed for training delivery, peer exchange and  community of practice
  • Standard for conferences is under development
  • Concept for Monitoring & Evaluation elaborated
  • Concept for establishing the Knowledge Management System is still under development
  • On-line tool to collect information and create regional inventory of existing CD products developed
  • Curriculums and materials are developed for 4 out of 8 initial CD measures that will be implemented in 2018 (Quick Wins)
  • Support for preparation of concepts and presentations for the CD and/or Stakeholder Dialogue Platform sessions at 3 key events in the WSS sector: (1) Conference of Aquasan Network in Mostar, BiH on 16 – 19 April, 2018, (2) ADKOM Conference in Ohrid, Macedonia on 24 - 26 April, 2018 and (3) Danube Water Conference in Vienna on 2 - 3 May, 2018.

Focal points

7 APUCs and 5 LGAs out of 16 partner associations nominated their Focal Points, from which 9 have been already contracted and are operational (6 APUCs and 3 LGAs).

After attending the Opening Ceremony of the Danube Water Conference, the PAB meeting continued with its second part, which gave an overview of the planned activities until September 2018 with particular focus on the role of the partner associations. The main focus in the following period will be: delegation of activities to partner associations; implementation of the CD plans with measures for strengthening the capacities of Focal Points and LGAs and APUCs for CD delivery; achievement of first and concrete results (Quick Wins) by delivering the developed CD products for municipalities and water utilities; testing RCDN standards in practice; strengthening
the cooperation between LGAs and APUCs in each target country; involving IFIs and donors at the early stage; improvement of the cooperation in the water and sanitation sector; and lobbying and advocacy for enabling CD framework.

The 3rd RCDN PAB meeting is planned for November 2018.

Improve your utility’s performance by joining IAWD’s Utility Benchmarking Program

Benchmarking, collecting performance indicators and then comparing performance among utilities of similar size and conditions, is a major tool to improve water utility performance. IAWD’s Utility Benchmarking Program (UBP), which is operated under the Danube Learning partnership, assists utilities in identifying areas, where performance improvement is needed. It is primarily directed to utility teams rather than individual staff members and is the basis under which utilities can identify their capacity building needs.

In cooperation with the European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) as Technical Partner, the Danube Learning Partnership establishes sustainable benchmarking routines in Southeast, Eastern and Central Europe operating on two different levels, (i) the national/subregional and the (ii) Danube regional level.

→ Visit the website


ICPDR convenes 20th annual ordinary meeting

On Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 December, the ICPDR held its 20th Ordinary Meeting in Vienna. Beside the heads of delegation and representatives of 13 of the contracting parties to the ICPDR, around 85 participants from all Danube countries, observers and invited guests attended this important event.

Held at the UNOV, the Ordinary Meeting was chaired by the 2016 ICPDR President Peter Gammeltoft.

During the meeting, in addition to reports from the ICPDR Expert Groups and discussions on activities for this over the coming years, the following topics were highlighted as part of the upcoming ICPDR agenda:

  • the ICPDR Sturgeon Strategy
  • strengthened cooperation with the European Commission and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR)
  • preparation for the fourth Joint Danube Survey.

→ Read more and visit the Gallery on the official Webpage.

International Workshop on Wastewater2

Joining forces to offer sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment in the Danube River Basin

The first International Workshop on Wastewater Management in the Danube river Basin took place from 28 to 29 November 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. The Workshop was co-organised by the ICPDR, IAWD, the International Association of Water Supply companies in the Danube River Catchment Area, and the World Bank. The event was hosted by the National Administration “Romanian Waters” as well as the Romanian Ministry of Waters and Forests and supported by the Danube Water Program (DWP, jointly implemented by IAWD and World Bank), the EUSDR PA4, the Global Water Partnership, the EIB, both Directorates General ENV and JRC of the European Commission.

This joint initiative answers a need by the countries of the Danube River Basin to specifically address the multi-dimensional problem of wastewater management in the Danube River Basin.

The anticipated goal of the workshop was to achieve a clear concept of the roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders involved and to identify the necessary further steps towards sustainable management of wastewater infrastructure and service. Moreover, the workshop provided the participants with a platform to identify, share and discuss best practices and cost-efficient solutions in wastewater management.

The workshop program included plenary presentations to set the scene about and specific brainstorming sessions to identify particular issues around the three main pillars:

  • Investment & Financing
  • Management & Operation
  • Innovation & Technology

The main take-home messages from the workshop were that better absorbing rates are needed for funding infrastructure development, proper water-pricing and affordability is both a challenge and a must and there is still a strong need of skilled workforce at all levels: national and local administrations and utilities. Finally, sludge management and energy-optimisation at treatment plant level, making wastewater a resource and not a problem deserves better attention; International organisations should assist countries to achieve these objectives, particularly in facilitating capacity-building and strengthening in the sector.

Presentations and Gallery


Roundtable Meeting 14082017

Roundtable Meeting of Danube Region Water Utility Associations

The Roundtable Meeting of Danube Region Water Utility Associations took place on 14 September 2017 in Vienna. The objective of the meeting was (i) to jointly assess the status of D-LeaP implementation and understand challenges of implementation, (ii) to jointly define necessary interventions to improve the implementation and (iii) to enable exchange of Hubs' experience and best practices and knowledge. The review of the current status of D-LeaP and meeting objectives was followed by a moderated discussion on the status of implementation.

IAWD co-organizer of the 10th Eastern European IWA YWP Conference

IAWD and IAWD have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which will strengthen the cooperation between the two associations for mutual benefit. With this MoU, IAWD officially steps into the role to coordinate IWA activities in the Danube Region. Among them is the coordination and further development of the Young Water Professionals (YWP) Initiative in the region.

In this context, IAWD co-organizes in cooperation with IWA, the University of Zagreb, the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and others the 10th edition of the successful format “Eastern European IWA Young Water Professionals Conference” in Zagreb on 7-12 May 2018. The conference focuses on "New Technologies in the Water Sector" with a special extended program including three-days practical workshops at the WWTP of Zagreb, followed by a two-days scientific conference as well as social activities.

Please find the Call for Papers here: Call 10th IWA YWP Eastern Europe - Zagreb 2018