The IAWD Vision: Strength through Cooperation

IAWD, is an association of utilities and other stakeholders working in the sector in the Danube region, which is the source for the water supply of over 80 million people. IAWD´s mission is to assist utilities and their staff in their responsibility to provide a secured and well managed urban water cycle and to ensure their customers have access to water that is safe and free from hazards. For this, the water quality of the Danube and its tributaries needs to be protected for the present as well as for future generations.

IAWD fulfills this mission through the provision of the exchange of knowledge, capacity building, know-how and access to resources and networks of support, all of which lead to improved utility performance. IAWD provides a platform to facilitate peer to peer communication among utilities and their staff, and mechanisms for information and knowledge exchange between people involved in providing water and waste water services in the Danube region. IAWD organises conferences, meetings and capacity building activities to strengthen utilities and the national water utility associations in the Danube region.

Because natural processes in the region are inextricably linked and cooperation between the countries becomes more intensive, there is a clear need for joint action and efforts to safeguard water quality and improve water services in all countries of the Danube region. It is therefore our common concern to show solidarity in managing water services and ensuring a high quality of water and services.

To be part of this process of closer cooperation IAWD invites you to become a member and to participate in the programs and activities of IAWD involving cooperation and sharing of experience between water professionals.

Your membership in IAWD will strengthen this joint effort to create a strong voice and platform for improving water services and utility operation in the Danube region.

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Benefits of a membership

    • IAWD Members partictipate in an international platform that offers opportunities for exchange of know-how and capacity on best practices in water and waste water management.
    • IAWD Members are creating partnerships and direct peer to peer exchange with other utilities and their staff in managing utilities effectively.
    • IAWD Members are invited to participate in the capacity building programs offered by IAWD in association with National Water Utility Associations and their members.
    • IAWD Ordinary Members have full voting rights at the General Assembly of IAWD. Extraordinary Members and Supporting Members receive an observer status at the IAWD General Assembly.
    • IAWD welcomes Supporting Members such as Water Utility Assocation representatives participate in the Roundtable of Water Utility Associations, the committee of IAWD guiding the capacity building programs.
    • IAWD Members are offered to join together as part of applications for funding submitted to international organisations and donors.
    • IAWD Members may join the dialogue and cooperation with governments, donor agencies, businesses supporting the water industry, and water professional organisations in meetings and events of IAWD.
    • IAWD Members are invited to participate as a representative of IAWD in international forums and activities.
    • IAWD Members receive communication from IAWD on key activities in the water sector and information on actions and reports as well as position papers of other international institutions.
    • IAWD Members may participate in dialogue and exchange among professionals in the water utility sector on key issues and topics affecting the delivery of water services.

Types of membership

Ordinary Members

Only legal entities active in the field of public water supply and waste water management in the Danube and Balkan region. They are full voting members at the General Assembly of IAWD.

Supporting Members

All physical persons and legal entities who support the activities of the Association. They receive observer status at the IAWD - General Assembly.

Extraordinary Members

Physical persons and legal entities deemd appropriate to promote the objectives of IAWD through their work. They receive observer status at the IAWD - General Assembly.

Membership Fee System

Further information

For further information please download our Membership brochure.