Energie AG Oberösterreich Wasser GmbH

EVN Wasser GmbH

Wasserleitungsverband der Triestingtal- und Südbahngemeinden


The Water Works Association (WWA) supplies the municipalities in the Triesting valley and along the Southern Railway (Südbahn). The association comprises 29 incorporated municipalities, in which water supply is provided from the spring to the tap, i.e. to the final consumer. It is a public corporation with its headquarters in Bad Vöslau.The plenary session, the board and the chair are the institution of WWA.The members of the plenary session are the mayors of the incorporated municipalities.The board consists of eleven members. These are the chair, the deputy chair, and nine further members. They are elected  by the plenary session. The chair is the association´s public representative.

The internal Management is subject to director and deputy director.

The WWA is completely self-sufficient and does not receive any subsidies whatever. No dividends accrue to the municipalities, profits remain with the association and are set up as reserve funds for future investments. All operating expenditures, amortization charges, loan repayment, the build-up of reserves, etc., are exclusively financed out of revenues. These arise from water bills, access charges and fees for water metres.

The association supplies a total of about 37.000 households with water, which corresponds to some 130.000 individuals.


Badnerstraße 88, A-2540 Bad Vöslau
Phone: 02252/76273
Fax: 02252/76167-44
Mail: wlv@wlv-voeslau.at

Website: www.wlv-voeslau.at

CEO: Franz Gartner 

Founding year: 1927

Member of IAWD since: 1994

Water distribution (m³/year): ~11.500.000

Wasserleitungsverband Nördliches Burgenland


Wiener Wasser



Bosnia and Herzegovina

A.D. Vodovod i Kanalizacija Bijeljina



Sofiyska Voda JSC



Regensburger Energie- und Wasserversorgung AG Co KG (REWAG)



Greflingerstraße 22, 93055 Regensburg
Phone: 0941-601-0
Fax: 0941-601-2550
Mail: info@rewag.de

Website: www.rewag.de

CEO: Olaf Hermes

Founding year: 1976

Member of IAWD since:

Water distribution (m³/year): ~ 11.000.000

Stadtwerke Passau GmbH


Zweckverband Bodensee - Wasserversorgung


Zweckverband Wasserversorgung Fränkischer Wirtschaftsraum




Szegedi Vízmű Zrt.

Vízmû logo direct color

    • 1840  launch of Szeged’s pipeline service
    • 1887  start of Szeged’s water supply
    • 1904  start of public-drinking water service
    • 1949  Establishing the Szegedi water- and sewerage Company
    • 1985  establishing current water production-capacity
    • 1994  contract with Veolia’s predecessor
    • 1998  handover of Szeged wastewater treatment plant-phase I/A (mechanical cleaning)
    • 2003  start of ISPA investment(drainage, biological cleaning)
    • 2008  end of ISPA investment
    • 2013  operating licence
    • 2016  project of drinking water quality improvement



    • Szeged: Asset rental contract until 2024
    • Algyő: concession until 2018 + 5 years

    Utility owners

    • local municipalities

    Operated utility asset:  EUR 145 million

    Main activities:

    • Drinking water service
    • Sewege disposal and biological waste water treatment
    • Rain water disposal
    • Water utility-reconstruction 

    DATA OF 2017

    Drinking water-number of connections: 31 358
    Number of drainage-connections: 28 367
    Amount of produced water: 11 753 504 m3
    Drinking water sold: 8 558 646 m3
    Disposed waste water: 18 655 610 m3
    Length of water network: 689 km (Budapest- München)
    Length of sewerage: 568 km (Budapest – Salzburg)
    Length of open ditches: 247 km


    • Independent corporate governance
    • Application of professional aspects
    • Politics-free management
    • Investor’s support and strict control
    • Exercising ownership rights via general assembly
    • municipality negotiates with company through their professional staff and elected committies,mainly about development and reconstruction issues


    88. Tisza Lajos krt., Szeged, 6720
    Phone: +3662-558855
    Fax: +3662-558800
    Mail: vizmu@szegedivizmu.hu

    Website: www.szegedivizmu.hu

    CEO: Zoltán Istókovics

    Founding year: 1949

    Member of IAWD since: 2017

    Water distribution (m³/year): ~12.622.440



    Regionalni Vodovod Crnogorsko Primorje



    Compania Apa Brasov SA


    S.C. Apaserve Satu Mare S.A.

    SC Apa Nova Bucuresti SA





    JKP Vodovod Beograd

    Vodovod Subotica



    Gemeinde St. Moritz - Wasserversorgung








    Wasserversorgung Zürich



    Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB)


    The Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB), which was established in 2000, is a professional, not-for-profit Association of water supply and sewerage professionals, who wish to improve the management of the Water Supply and Sewerage Sector in Albania, making it efficient, sustainable and effective in accordance with the current laws and regulations in Albania. The Association is legally registered in the Court of Tirana.

    SHUKALB vision is “Acknowledged leader in advancing quality performance and sustainability in the water sector“.

    The Association’s Mission Statement consists of four main mission objectives:

      • To advocate the collective interests of professionals in the water sector in Albania.
      • To serve as a leading resource for knowledge, professional development and networking.
      • To invest time and resources to build awareness and attract future generations to seek a career in the water sector.
      • To be a positive force for mutual understanding, collaboration and regional partnerships in the Western Balkans.



      Rruga "Pjeter Bogdani", 39/1,k. 5, Ap.3
      Tirana, Albania
      Phone: (+355/4) 2245 101
      Fax: (+355/4) 2245 101
      Mob: (+355) 69 60 12 782
      E-mail: member@shukalb.al

      Website: www.shukalb.al

      CEO: Elisabeta Poci

      Founding year: 2000

      Member of IAWD since: 2017




      Austrian Association for Gas and Water (OVGW)

      OeVGW Logo
      Founded in 1881, OVGW has worked to promote the Austrian gas and water supply industries and associated sectors in all matters of scientific research, technology, business and legislation. OVGW is a non-profit organization based upon voluntary membership.

      Of focal concern is state of the art, research and development in the drinking water sector are at the cutting edge of science and technology.
      OVGW represents members' interest vis-à-vis public authorities, corporations and other institutions.
      OVGW advises members in business and technical matters.
      OVGW maintains a network with other professionals in the field, decision makers and public officials - both nationally and internationally.
      OVGW compiles rules and guidelines for the Austrian water sector, setting the state of the art.
      OVGW promotes and coordinates the sustainable and adequate supply of clean drinking water in Austria and protection of drinking water resources.
      Furthermore, OVGW funds research projects, certifies products and professionals in the water sector, organizes trainings and conferences.


      Schubertring 14, 1010 Vienna
      0043 (1) 513 15 88 0

      Website: www.ovgw.at

      CEO: Michael Mock

      Founding year: 1881

      IAWD Member since: 2016


      Bosnia and Herzegovina

      Association for Water and Environmental Protection Sector "Aquasan network in BiH"

      aquasan extended logo ENG

      Aquasan members are experts from the water and environmental protection sector from Bosnia and Herzegovina and South-East Europe i.e. representatives of state, entity and cantonal line ministries, entity water agencies and funds, local government units, water utilities, research institutions, NGOs and private sector, which makes Aquasan a unique association in the region. Aquasan has positioned itself as a relevant actor in the region especially in terms of developing and implementing regional capacity development programs and exchange of know-how, experiences and best practices.

      Aquasan was established in 2010 in response to challenges in the sector in BiH and namely lack of institutionally and legally defined roles and responsibilities in the sector, lack of cooperation amongst relevant actors at all levels – municipal, cantonal, entity and state level as well as lack of capacities to address these challenges. To this point, Aquasan has achieved:


      • Identification and addressing of most relevant issues in the sector through concrete initiatives and advocacy efforts for sector improvements;
      • Improved individual, organizational and institutional capacities in the sector;
      • Better sector networking by building up trust, communication, coordination and cooperation amongst sector stakeholders at all levels;

      Aquasan is recognised for its:

      • Profound knowledge of legal and institutional framework in the sector;
      • Qualified staff and extensive experience in regional project management and implementation;
      • Well-established network of partners at local, national and regional levels;
      • Good reputation as a result-oriented partner with business-oriented approach;
      • Innovative approach by keeping up with developments in the sector;
      • Great teamwork.


      Address: Bosanskih banova 23, Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Phone: +387 37 307-993
      Fax: +387 37 222-899
      E-mail: info@aquasanbih.ba

      Website: www.aquasanbih.ba 

      CEO: Vesna Muslic, President

      Founding year: 2010

      Member if IAWD since: 2017



      Bulgarian Water Association (BWA)



      Water and Wastewater Association of Kosovo (SHUKOS)



      Waterworks Association of Montenegro (UVCG)


      Republic of Macedonia

      Association of public service providers of Republic of Macedonia (ADKOM)



      Romanian Water Association (ARA)



      Association for water protection and preservation in the South of Serbia (WASS)

      Association of Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering of Serbia (UTVSI)



      E. Hawle Armaturenwerke GmbH

      Siemens AG Österreich

      University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences



      Diehl Metering GesmbH


      Diehl Metering companies have shaped the history of metering for more than 150 years. As a full-service provider, we offer our customers the complete process chain from measuring instruments to data management from a single source. The Vienna-based Diehl Metering GesmbH serves the markets in Austria, Eastern Europe as well as the so-called "stan" countries in Central Asia with Diehl Metering products and solutions. Furthermore, the company operates a test station for bulk water meters up to DN 1,000 mm in cooperation with the Vienna city authorities.


      Hainburger Straße 33
      1030 Wien
      Tel.: 01 716 70 22

      Website: www.diehl.com

      CEO: Michael Hradecky

      Founding year: 1993 as Elin Wasserwerkstechnik GmbH

      Member of IAWD since: 1996

      Hammerer System Messtechnik - Ingenieurberatung

      hydrophil GmbH



      Institute for Water Resources Planning "Jaroslav Cerni"