Voice of the Danube

IAWD acts as a mechanism for initiating and organizing/carry out projects which bring financial resources from donors for common actions.
IAWD facilitates the voice of water utilities in the Danube Region.
IAWD provides the platform to discuss with stakeholders, authorities of national governments and international institutions the need to safeguard and preserve water quality.
IAWD communicates results of our work to stakeholders, national and international institutions through reports, position papers and workshops at the regional and international level also using electronic media.



Technical Visit of the Public Utility Company „Waterworks and Sewerage“ Ltd. Zenica

From 13 - 15 December 2016 a delegation of representatives from the Public Utility Company „Waterworks and Sewerage“ Ltd. Zenica visited Vienna Water to exchange experience in waterworks management. The visit focused on exchange on the following topics: Customer relationship, selection of materials for pipelines, technologies for reconstruction and construction of pipelines, procedures for calibration […]

Another milestone in the Water Operators’ Partnership cooperation of the water utility providers of Budapest and Subotica

Bilateral workshop at the city hall of Subotica Within the framework of the international programme of the UN-Habitat agency through the Global Water Operator´s Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA), as another milestone of the Hungarian-Serb water cooperation, on December 9 2016 Subotica Waterworks and the Sewage Water Utility organised a one-day workshop at the City Hall of […]

For three days Budapest was the capital of the water

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 conference and exhibition was held between November 28 and 30 In the representation of nearly 120 countries, about 2000 scientists, politicians and experts consulted on today’s perhaps most pressing issue, one of the key element of the environmental sustainability, the protection of our water and water resources during the three […]

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