Technical visit of Water and Sanitation Utilities of the Republic Srpska


(f.l.t.r) Philip Weller - IAWD, Franz Weyrer - Vienna Water, Kemal Husakovic - Zenica Waterworks, Nedim Secic -Zenica Waterworks, Katherine Wagner - IAWD, Haris Mesic, Zenica Waterworks, Emir Kovac, Zenica Waterworks, Wolfang Gruber - Vienna Water

On 1 December 2016 a delegation of senior representatives from water utilities in the Republic of Srpska visited Vienna Water and IAWD. The visit was part of a study tour organised by the Water Utility Association of the Republic of Srpska to Switzerland and Austria. The aim of this visit was to support managers in utilities to learn about management practices in other utilities. In addition to discussion on Vienna water management the utilities were also informed on the possibilities and benefits of becoming member of IAWD. After a morning filled with presentations and information about Vienna Water and IAWD the technical visit was completed with a tour through two „watermarks“ of Vienna: Vienna Water Tower and the Wienerberg Reservoir.

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