Fltr.: Walter Kling, Heinz Robak, Vladimir Tausanovic

New Honorary Members of IAWD

At this year’s General Assembly IAWD honoured two retiring colleagues as Honorary Members.

Heinz Robak

worked 25 years as an auditor of IAWD and actively helped to secure the positive financial development of IAWD. After his retirement he continued to work as auditor until the end of 2017. Over the last years he actively assisted the Management of IAWD in the transition of the financial statement into the current new version.

Heinz-Jürgen Brauch

contributed to IAWD since the founding in the year 1993. He supported IAWD activities with his outstanding knowledge on water quality issues and chaired the Technical Scientific Advisory Committee of IAWD. Mr. Brauch also conducted successfully the "sampling tour" on the Danube River and regularly published a number of water quality articles in the IAWD Annual Report. Mr. Brauch was chief editor of the IAWD Annual Report and was a driving force on the content. He helped delivering an interesting report showcasing the work of IAWD.

IAWD congratulated both new Honorary Members and thanked them both for their distinguishing work and achievements.


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