06 May 2022 / Vienna, Austria
From Waste To Value: A Webinar on Wastewater Treatment and Energy
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Voice of the Danube
06 May 2022

Save the date: On 11 May 2022, the Danube Water Program will continue its successful “Know Now” webinar series with a close look at the chances and challenges of wastewater treatment in times of exploding energy costs.

Europe's wastewater treatment plants consume an estimated 25,000 GWh every year, close to one percent of the former EU-28's total electricity consumption (Source: Ganora et al., 2019), and a major factor in the cost structure of utilities.

Energy neutral or even energy positive wastewater treatment is technically possible, holds huge promises for a climate neutral, energy secure water future in the water sector, and can do miracles for the bottom line of utilities struggling with their energy bills.

Following a long hard look at the overall impact of rising energy costs on the sector in the Danube region during the previous DWPKnowNow edition, this next webinar will now focus on the benefits of energy optimization and production in the wastewater treatment sector and the implications for a sustainable water service sector in the Danube region.

World Bank Senior Water Supply & Sanitation Specialist Kris Welsien, Vienna Wastewater Treatment Operations Manager Gerald Wandl, Korca Water Supply and Sanitation Frosela Filo and Sofia Water Strategic Partnerships and Projects Director Lyubomir Filipov will discuss the current situation, the available options and a choice of best practice examples.

Water policy makers and regulators, water utility managers, water sector professionals, researchers, and everybody with a stake in the Water Sector are kindly invited to join on 11May, 13:30 CEST for 75 compact minutes of valuable information on a topic that gets hotter every day and will also dominate the agenda of the upcoming Danube Water Forum.

Admission is free. Just save the date and follow the link below for additional information and to register.  

VoD - From Waste to Value: How the Wastewater Treatment Sector Can Contribute to Mitigating the Energy Crisis in the Danube Region

The Danube Water Program “KnowNow” webinar series focuses on up-to-date topics relevant for the water sector in the Danube region. While the last webinar in this series has focused on the overall response of the water service ...