26 November 2021 / Vienna, Austria
Organized by WAREG, Supported by IAWD: 2nd European Forum on the Regulation of Water Services
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Voice of the Danube
28 November 2021

An important event that we proudly support: This week WAREG, the Association of European Regulators in the drinking water and wastewater sector, holds its second conference on water service regulation, a multi-stakeholder meeting with a distinguished panel, with two speakers representing the IAWD.

WAREG's 2nd European Forum will focus on the green transition and the actions taken by european institutions and national regulators to improve circular economy-based activities in the water sector. It will address issues such as energy saving, energy production from sewage sludge, recovery of materials from wastewater, water reuse, and the reduction of plastic consumption.

The conference agenda mirrors the new priorities set by the EU Green Deal and the Recovery Plan for Europe that will soon boost green and digital transitions in the European water sector. Water regulators will play a key role in the coming change. Their monitoring and tariff setting powers can support the efficient industrial costs recovery , the effective realization of investments, transparency and fairness of final prices for good qualitative services, and many others. Sound economic regulation can promote the stability of legal frameworks at the national, regional and local level, respect for European environmental targets, technological innovation and universal access to drinking water, at the most reasonable prices for households and for all customers in general.

The 2nd EFRWS will be held online, over one day, with a tightly packed program of plenary sessions and thematic panels. Scheduled are panels on “Green Deal & the Water Sector”, “Economic Regulation for Promoting Environmental Sustainability”, “Economic Regulatory Incentives For Innovation”, a special on “Water Challenges In The Balkans”, with IAWD's Philip Weller in the panel, and a wrap-up plenum session with IAWD President Walter Kling at the round table.

The conference starts 09:00 CET and will be held online. Participation is free of charge. Those who wish to join will find detailed information on the agenda on the WAREG website (please review the link below).

Those with a stake in the water sector should really make time for this event – it is worth your while.