05 November 2021 / Vienna, Austria
“Water and Biotechnologies” Virtual Event: Meet the Future
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Voice of the Danube
08 November 2021

Save the date: Tuesday, 9 November – and register now for a special “Water and Biotechnologies” edition of the successful Biotech Atelier online conference series.

Biotech Atelier is an event series organized by consultant company Prescriptia and the Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine in partnership with the Vienna Business Agency. Biotech Atelier aims to provide bridges for innovation-related communication, collaboration, discussion, and the development of ideas, business models and approaches, both locally and globally.

This Special Edition of Biotech Atelier 2021 “Water and Biotechnologies”, for which the International Association of Water Companies in the Danube River Basin (IAWD) acts as institututional partner, brings together start-ups, utility companies and larger businesses in biotechnological development to share innovative technologies that can be applied in the water sector.

The event will combine high-level expertise with the opportunity to meet specialists and executives in the water field. Keynotes, discussion panels and interviews will cover intriguing topics from

  • Water Resources and Biotechnologies
  • Wastewater and Biotechnologies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Water - A meeting Point

The event starts at 09:00 CET , runs fully virtual via Cisco WebEx and access is totally free of charge. All you need to do is register now at the conference website under the link below!

Be inspired!  

Water and Biotechnologies Part 2 Special Edition | Biotech Atelier

Part 2 of our Conference on Water and Biotechnologies is coming up and you are kindly invited to book the date in your calendar: