10 December 2016 / Vienna, Austria
Another milestone in the Water Operators’ Partnership cooperation of the water utility providers of Budapest and Subotica
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Voice of the Danube
08 July 2020

Within the framework of the international programme of the UN-Habitat agency through the Global Water Operator´s Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA), as another milestone of the Hungarian-Serb water cooperation, on December 9 2016 Subotica Waterworks and the Sewage Water Utility organised a one-day workshop at the City Hall of Subotica for Serbian and Hungarian professionals.

At the meeting the host presented the results achieved in the fields of technical and technological development,water extraction and drinking water technology, quality assurance and environment protection realized within the frameworkof Interegrated Management System, work safety, monitoring as well as the results achieved in the field of water treatment activities. The professionals from Budapest from among the cooperation areas of the water utility services spelles out as such important questions, like the SAP-based integrated management system, the work management sysem in the water utility sector, the centralized operational management, reduction methods of the non-revenue water and the technical tools of the water loss analysis.

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