31 May 2018 / Vienna, Austria
RCDN Project Advisory Board meets in Vienna
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Administrator: Katerina Schilling
07 July 2020

The 2nd RCDN Project Advisory Board (PAB) Meeting convened on May 2 in Vienna at the occasion of the Danube Water Conference 2018. Participants from 16 partner associations (Local Government Associations (LGAs) and Associations of Public Utility Companies (APUCs)), together with representatives of IAWD,   NALAS and GIZ were informed by the RCDN Project implementation Team (PIT) about the current progress of the project and the planned activities. In the first part of the meeting, after the welcoming words and the introduction by the PAB Chairperson, a short overview of the implemented activities and achieved results was provided since the 1st PAB meeting in November 2017.

After attending the Opening Ceremony of the Danube Water Conference, the PAB meeting continued with its second part, which gave an overview of the planned activities until September 2018 with particular focus on the role of the partner associations. The main focus in the following period will be: delegation of activities to partner associations; implementation of the CD plans with measures for strengthening the capacities of Focal Points and LGAs and APUCs for CD delivery; achievement of first and concrete results (Quick Wins) by delivering the developed CD products for municipalities and water utilities; testing RCDN standards in practice; strengtheningthe cooperation between LGAs and APUCs in each target country; involving IFIs and donors at the early stage; improvement of the cooperation in the water and sanitation sector; and lobbying and advocacy for enabling CD framework.

The 3rd RCDN PAB meeting is planned for November 2018.