Race to 0-CO2 Neutrality
Organizer: European Water Association

During the upcoming webinar on “Race to 0-CO2 neutrality”, speakers will engage in discussions covering a range of subjects such as the development of greenhouse gas reduction targets, technical solutions for emissionreduction, climate mitigation within the water sector and the European Union's ambitious 2040 climate target for the water sector.

In the second part of the webinar, the audience will have the valuable opportunity to hear from industry experts, operators and researchers who will share their experiences and expertise on making significant strides towards reducing GHG emissions. This interactive session will provide an enriching platform for insightful discussions and the exchange of knowledge.

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Start date 10 Oct 2023 , 10:00
End date 11 Oct 2023

Language English
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Deadline for registration: 09 October 2023
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Contributed by Voice of the Danube