Conference / Workshop
11th International Conference on Utility Services in Smart Cities
Organizer: Association of Public Service Providers of the Republic of North Macedonia

Utility services in the Republic of North Macedonia are carried out by the Public Utility Companies (PUC). The quality of their services has a great impact on the quality of the citizens’ daily lives. In order to improve the quality of the utility services, the Public Sector and the Municipalities must include the modernization of the PUCs as part of their operations.

The peer exchanges among colleagues from the utility sector and the necessity of constant investments in knowledge and capacity building, imposes the need to organize expert debates and conferences which open discussions on available technical solutions and of sharing learned lessons from the past through the experiences of regional and international experts from the utility sector.

The goal of the Conference "Utility Services in Smart Cities" is for the experts in this field to start a debate on the topics that represent a challenge to all modern PUCs, who are aiming at being part of a new era, and at successfully implementing the "smart cities" idea and at establishing themselves as a "partner to the citizens."

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City/LocationSkopje, Macedonia

Start date 18 Oct 2023

Language English
Deadline for registration: 15 October 2023
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