2022 Danube Water Forum
Organizer: IAWD and World Bank

The 2022 Danube Water Forum “Energizing the Water Sector in the Danube Region” will convene on 28 – 29 June, 2022 in Albania’s capital city Tirana, back to back with the Conference on “The Benchmarking and Asset Management Nexus – Key Tools for Regulators and Decision Makers” to take place on 30 June. Energize yourself by joining the Danube region’s water service sector community in person!

The Danube Water Program, run by IAWD and the World Bank, and co-funded by the Austrian Government, organizes this conference in cooperation with the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB).

The Forum will draw more than 150 senior water sector representatives from the Danube region to discuss the link between energy and water from different angles, with sessions exploring recent developments in the energy market and its effects on utilities in the region, innovative technologies, financing, and the creation of an enabling environment for modernization and reform.

The Forum's language will be English, with simultaneous translation into Albanian. Only physical participation will be possible. For further details on logistics, please consult the links below.

Regulations regarding Covid-19

Please consult the website of the Albanian Ministry for Europe of Foreign Affairs for details on requirements upon the entry into Albania as well as ongoing restrictions in the country.

Conference Venue

The conference venue is the Hotel Rogner in Albania’s capital city Tirana. Several airlines serve Tirana on a regular basis, please consult the website of Tirana airport for further details.

Registration Process and Fees 

Registration to the 2022 Danube Water Forum will open on 18 April 2022!

We thank our institutional partners and conference supporters who help us to make this meeting possible and keep admission fees affordable. We are able to offer you a two-day ticket for €100, with a 25% discount for members of IAWD and SHUKALB. 

Type of participant Fee
Regular Attendee 100€
Member of IAWD and SHUKALB 75€
Presenter  0€

Both IAWD and SHUKALB members as well as  presenters will receive a Discount Code via email, which shall be applied during the registration process. 

The fee includes participation in the Danube Water Forum including the social events as well as lunch and coffee breaks. Please note that the registration to the conference does not include travel or accommodation.

To confirm your participation, please register by 31 May 2022 by clicking the "Register" button on this page (Registration will open on 18 April).

For further information on the registration process, please consult the "How to register guide" under the links below!

Participants, who will need to pay a registration fee, will receive an invoice with payment information from the organizers upon registering. Confirmation of participation will be sent, as soon as the payment has been received. The conference badge and other materials for the conference will be made available at the registration desk.

If, for any reason, you would like to join the Forum, but the registration fee prevents you from doing so, please reach out to us (office@danube-water-program.org) and we will try our best to accommodate on an exceptional basis. 

Hotel booking

Please note that the Danube Water Forum organizers have only pre-booked a limited amount of hotel rooms in the Hotel Rogner. We recommend making your own accommodation arrangements in a timely manner. When making your reservation at the Hotel Rogner, please refer to the 2022 Danube Water Forum to receive a special room rate. In addition, find a list of hotels in the Logistical Guidelines document (see links below) close to the venue. We request you to please arrange your own booking at the hotel of your preference.

Speakers and Presentations 

Session 1
2022 DWF Opening Session: Water and Energy in Europe

28 June,16:30 - 18:00

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Welcome words
Ms. Elisabeth Gruber, Director for International Financial Institutions, Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, Austria

Welcome words
Ms. Evis Sulko, Senior Country Operation Officer, World Bank, Albania

Welcome words
Mr. Walter Kling, IAWD President, Austria

Keynote "Exploiting the Water-Energy Nexus – Energy Savings and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions"
Mr. Loïc Charpentier, Water Innovation Policy Manager, Water Europe

Ms. Monika Weber-Fahr, Senior Expert, Austria

Mr. Filip Wanner, Technical Project Manager, Energie AG Bohemia, Austria

Ms. Hajrije Morina, Director, Water Services Regulatory Authority, Kosovo


Session 2
Setting the Scene: The Energy Market and Effects on Utilities in the Danube Region

29 June, 09:00 - 10:30

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Energy price shocks in the Danube region: latest developments and future perspectives
Ms. Katharina Gassner, Senior Energy Economist, World Bank, Vienna

Mr. Walter Kling, President, IAWD, Austria

Mr. Christian Minelli, Head of Secretariat, European Water Regulators (WAREG), Italy

Mr. Ndricim Shani, Chairman, Albanian Water Regulatory Authority (WRA), Albania

Ms. Elisabeta Poci, Executive Director, SHUKALB, Albania

Session 3
Innovative Technologies for Energy Management in the Water Services Sector

29 June,11:00 - 12:30

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Renewable energy production - the case study of Kubratovo WWTP in Sofia
Mr. Jelyaz Rangelov, Manager of Kubratovo WWTP, Sofia Water, Bulgaria

Renewable energy production - the case study of Vienna Water
Mr. Wolfgang Gruber, Staff Unit Manager, Vienna Water, Austria

Energy management for the water and waste water industry
Mr. Gilbert Schreiber, Head of Vertical Water & Environment for Central & Eastern Europe, Siemens, Austria

Ms. Kathia Havens, Program Analyst, World Bank, Austria

Mr. Stjepan Gabric, Senior Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist, World Bank, Croatia

Mr. Florian Kretschmer, Senior Scientist, BOKU Vienna, Austria

Mr. Camilo Lombana Cordoba, Senior Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist World Bank, USA

Session 4
Financing Energy Related Measures in the Water Services Sector

29 June,13:30 - 15:00

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Options for financing energy efficiency projects in the water services sector
Mr. Dilip R. Limaye, Expert Water Consultant, World Bank

Is the EU Taxonomy relevant for energy efficient water service provision?
Mr. Juan Bofill Maestre, Senior Water Engineer, Projects Directorate, Water Management Division, European Investment Bank

How to support green start-ups in the water service sector for the delivery of innovations
Mr. Lyubomir Filipov, Strategic Partnerships and Projects Director, Sofia Water, Bulgaria

Ms. Patricia Lopez, Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist, World Bank, Spain

Mr. Eduart Rumani, National Programme Officer at Swiss Embassy in Albania

Mr. Sokol Xhafa, Acting CEO, Regional Water Company Pristina, Kosovo

Session 5
Creating an Enabling Environment to (De-)Energize the Water Sector: Capacity Building, Policy, and Regulation

29 June,15:30 - 17:00

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Aligning Policies, Institutions and Regulations (PIR) for efficient water service delivery
Ms. Dambudzo Josephine Muzenda, Senior Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist, World Bank, USA

Albania Water Sector Modernization Program: An innovative approach to achieve the once in a lifetime water sector reform
Mr. Klevis Jahaj, Director, National Agency for Water Supply, Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure (AKUM), Albania

D-LeaP – a regional partnership to capacitate the water service sector
Ms. Vesna Muslic, Chair, Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP) Committee Council

Ms. Elisabeta Poci, Executive Director, SHUKALB, Albania

Ms. Evis Gjebrea, Deputy General Director, Tirana Water and Wastewater Utility, Albania

Ms. Alba Zhori, Head of Performance Sector, Albanian Water Resources Management Agency, Albania

Session 6
2022 Danube Water Forum: Closing Session

29 June,17:00 - 17:30

Mr. Winston Yu, Practice Manager, Water Europe and Central Asia, World Bank, USA

Mr. Walter Kling, President, IAWD, Austria

Ms. Kathia Havens, Program Analyst, World Bank, Austria

Ms. Patricia Lopez, Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist, World Bank, Spain

Ms. Elisabeta Poci Executive Director, SHUKALB, Albania

Closing remarks
Mr. Petrit Tare, President, SHUKALB, Albania


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City/LocationTirana, Albania

Start date 28 Jun 2022
End date 29 Jun 2022

Language English, Shqip (Albanian)
Cost € 100.00
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